Saturday, 9 April 2011

An introduction. But nothing to write home about.

Oh hey. Welcome.

Starting this bad boy off with a super casual dog. For no other reason than to point out how jealous of this dog I am. IT'S SO COOL. I'm jealous of a dog. But I bet you are too.

Ok, SO. Back to business. There are a few reasons I’ve made this blog:

1)  I was inspired by one effing dykes blog. HILARIOUS. Read it, and watch me try to emulate with little to no success.

2)  I get the rage A LOT. I can’t afford anger management, so why not write it all out. Cathartic, no?

3)  Even in my enraged states, I’m reportedly quite funny (read as: I’m SO funny, but I can’t say that, cos I don’t wanna be that guy.)

I don’t think i’m a bad person, but bad things seem to happen to me.  And generally, it’s just hilarious.

If karma exits, karma can sook ma wully. Cut to ugly tranny named Karma generously applying lipgloss.

I have no idea what shape this blog will take, I mean it could end up as a literary masterpiece, eventually turned into a movie/sitcom and I could cast some really fucking ugly people to play those I dislike intently in real life.  Such people include but are not limited to:
  • exes
  • bosses
  • people who cannot control their children/pets/bodily functions  
  •  I won't lie. This picture made me cross my legs reeeeeally tight.
  • exam invigilators (Y U NO LET ME PEE SOLO??) 
  • aaaaand those unfortunate souls who don’t know what a queue is and how it works. Don’t worry, they feel my wrath through the powerful medium of shouting abuse with nice aggressive pointing motions. But we’ll come back to that.

I think this will do for a first post. Next time I will be FUMING. Let’s see where that takes us. Later, kids.

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